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If you have any questions about joining DAC have a read through our 'frequently asked questions'.

If you have any other questions that we don't answer here, please get in touch

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Derwent AC Cockermouth offers varied training sessions geared to helping members become better all-round runners. Whether it’s longer runs, sprint training or hill sessions, there’s something to suit everyone no matter your ability.  Our friendly coaches adopt a ‘no pressure’ approach to training which allows you to take things at your own pace.  Our sessions are also a great social opportunity to chat with other runners and make new friends!

What can I expect from a training session?

There are no minimum requirements about attending sessions. Some of our members turn up to every single session.  Others choose to train to their own schedule and prefer to just attend some social events.  Everyone has different commitments, and we understand this, so just come along whenever you can.

I can’t make all the training sessions; can I still join?

Of course!  Anyone is welcome to come and meet with the group and join in with a couple of our training sessions before deciding whether to join or not. This will give you the chance to get a feel for the club and to ask any questions.

Can I try you out before I commit?

We welcome runners of all abilities, and currently have a real mix of members – you will be sure to find other runners at a similar level to you!  All we ask is that you can manage to run around 5 miles, no matter at what pace, as many of our sessions will involve covering this distance.  Most training sessions cater for all abilities, and if necessary, the group will be split into similar ability levels. 

How fit do I have to be to join?

Membership is £25 per annum which runs from 1st April until 31st March each year.  The cost of this includes full affiliation with England Athletics and Northern Athletics.  Other kinds of membership are available.

Visit our Members page for more information about joining.

How much is it to join?

Absolutely nothing!  Your annual membership of just £25 covers DAC’s training sessions – which at over 100 per year works out at 25p per session!

How much does each training session cost?

Take a look at our Training page for all information about where each session is taking place and the meeting point for that day. 

Where do you meet?

A typical training session lasts around 60-70 minutes, which normally includes a warm up and cool down stretching afterwards.  

How long can I expect to be running for?

Not all our members choose to race, but many do and gain great enjoyment from it.  Membership with our club will grant you discounted entry fees for most UK races and we also give our members the opportunity to compete in numerous races throughout the year, free of charge. Racing as a club member allows you to compete as part of a team and experience events in a whole new way. There is always a great buzz amongst members on race day, which is the perfect way to ease any nerves you may have!

Does everyone run races?

A good pair of running shoes should be considered if you are interested in running on a regular basis. In winter high visibility clothing such as a reflective top is necessary, and due to our rural nature, many winter routes will also require a head torch.  Our club kit includes various items showing off the club colours of purple and ‘gold’.  It is not compulsory to purchase kit; however, it is a nice addition to your running wardrobe.  A club top with the official design must be worn at all championship races and races in which you are competing for the club.  Our online club shop is opened to members twice a year.

Do I need any special gear?

The club hosts numerous social events throughout the year, from evenings at the pub (the first training session in each month is a ‘social session’), a Summer and Christmas Handicap, fell weekends and attending races around the country (which often involve a celebratory ‘stop over’).  Members are welcome to attend, and the club actively encourages the social side of membership. We train hard but we also play hard!

Are there any social events?

Unfortunately, due to the small size of our club we do not have the capacity for a junior section.  However, children are welcome to attend with a parent / responsible adult from the age of 12, and from the age of 16 can come along on their own as members.  We recommend younger runners join Tri Lakeland Juniors ( who provide running sessions for 8-14 year olds in Cockermouth.

Do you have a junior section?

Of course, everyone is welcome, and we enjoy meeting runners from different communities!  If your plans are for more than a couple of sessions, we offer a second claim / social membership.

I belong to a different club, but am in the area for a while – can I come along?

Our training sessions are not suitable for dogs, due to the urban nature and the amount of people attending with different requirements.  However, we do have members who bring their dogs along on some of the weekend social runs.

Can I bring my dog along to training sessions?

It is completely up to you.  We are proud of our members’ achievements, whatever they may be, and like to share in our celebration of these with the wider running community via social media and our website.  However, we understand if you would rather not be included and our membership form has options regarding publicity inclusion - please ensure you have selected the appropriate choice for you.

DAC Facebook posts often include photos & results of members of the club, will I be included on these if I join?

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