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We are a small, friendly running club of mixed ability, age and gender, united through our wish to run with others in a social and motivating environment in and around Cockermouth, Cumbria. 

Most of our twice weekly sessions are road based, but we also have a range of off-road training sessions and take part in a variety of races from 5ks to marathons, cross country, road and fell.

Meet our:

Derwent AC (5).jpeg

Our club’s committee is made up of current members who have all volunteered to help with the general running and organisation of the club.  Positions are reviewed and altered, if necessary, each year at our Annual General Meeting, held in December.

All members are welcome to attend the AGM and are encouraged to voice their opinions!

Committee meetings are held at least 3 times per year, and any member interested in applying to be on the club committee, please contact

Kevin Robinson Derwent AC - Cockermouth.png
Kevin Robinson


Derwent AC Head Coach & Coaching Rep - A
Andy Adams

Coach Representative

Tom Dunlop

Men's Captain

Tony Davis


Derwent AC (7).jpeg
Richard Jack

Race Director

Derwent AC Treasurer - Nick
Nick Lancaster


Sophie Sinclair - Derwent AC - Cockermouth.jpeg
Sophie Sinclair

Ladies' Captain


We have three main Coaches and five Leaders who can support with training sessions and lead runs. 

All Coaches and Leaders are fully qualified with UK Athletics to lead sessions.  Many of our Coaches are members who have gone on to gain these qualifications through the Club, and we are always keen to support new members who are looking to develop in these roles. 

Derwent AC Head Coach & Coaching Rep - A
Andy Adams

Head Coach

Tom Chapman - Derwent AC
Tom Chapman


Derwent AC Chair - Phil Cueto.jpg
Phil Cueto


Claire Chapman - Derwent AC
Claire Chapman


Derwent AC Coach - Stephen Hackley.jpg
Stephen Hackley


Tamsin Cass - Derwent AC.jpg
Tamsin Cass


Welfare Officers

Our welfare officers give members a trained and trusted person to speak to about a concern, either within the club or at times outside athletics. Their responsibility is to ensure the right information is shared with the right people at the right time.   

Joanne Humphries - Derwent Athletic Club - Cockermouth.png
Joanne Humphreys

Welfare Officer

Anna Firth - Derwent Athletic Club - Cockermouth.png
Anna Firth

Welfare Officer

Daniel Crooks - Derwent AC - Cockermouth.png
Daniel Crooks

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officers
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